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Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™

Thomas J. Bushlack, Ph.D.


I enjoy helping busy professionals, executives, and business owners eliminate overwhelm, heal from chronic stress or trauma, and get re-centered in their purpose, guided by Divine Wisdom.


I am currently only able to work with a small number of individual coaching clients.  If you wish to explore coaching work together, please submit a request on my Contact Form.

I offer regular live talks & meditation sessions in the Insight Timer app.  You can also sign up for individual mentoring sessions or packages with me through my booking page at Insight Timer. The best way to engage with my teaching, mentoring, workshops, and offerings is through my teacher page at Insight Timer.

Leaders who practice Centering for Wisdom™ enjoy the following benefits:


Less Anxiety


Less Stress


Less Depression

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“Spiritual, specific, special, and sacred all describe my incredible deep-dive learning experiences with Tom Bushlack. I highly recommend him as a coach for those who aspire to be a life-servant-leader.”

Julius B. Anthony

President, St. Louis Black Authors of Children’s Literature and The Believe Project


“I found myself in leadership roles that I didn’t feel qualified to have. I now feel completely empowered to take on the leadership roles I am in.  My whole mindset is shifting in how I see myself and how I want to live my life, with confidence and boldness!”

Toni Stogdill

Realtor & Director of Communications, Master Investors Tribe

“After attempting to piece together my own contemplative practice with little success, Tom’s program provided a solid foundation for a lifelong, life-altering centering meditation practice. Since embarking upon this journey, I’m discovering a new level of peace and compassion in my life.”

Michael John Wagner

Founder & COO, Euclid Media Group

"Working with Tom has given me deeper insight into my own behavior, and more compassion and understanding of the behavior of others. Working with Tom was like having a warm cup of tea on a cold day. He is brilliant, insightful and the perfect guide for someone who is looking to accept or manage the chaos of life."

Debbie Champion, J.D.

Founding Partner, RSSC, LLP

Organizations I’ve Had the Pleasure to Serve:

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