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    Contemplative Leadership for Justice

    Inspiring Awareness, Compassion, and Wholeness in pursuit of the good of others. The CLJ is a program of spiritual enrichment to develop leaders who cultivate the wisdom needed to act skillfully in pursuit of justice and the common good

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    Centering Wisdom Assessment

    The CWA provides individualized feedback on where we tend to get “hooked” into unhelpful patterns of thought, emotion, and action, and shows us a way to move toward our true center from which wisdom, creativity, and integrity flow



The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet. –  Frederick Buechner   I have come to see my role as that of a a scholar-practitioner.  In all that I…



Listen to guided meditations, retreat talks, or information about contemplative prayer at any time for free! 20 Min Introduction to Centering Prayer & Meditation If you are new to the practice, or just want to freshen up, this Podcast is…


Workshops, Retreats & Consultation

I am pleased to offer the following services, each of which can be tailored to your group or institution’s needs: Workshops and Retreats Administering the Centering Wisdom Assessment tool (see below) Consultation   Centering Wisdom Assessment™ The Centering Wisdom Assessment…

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Creating Space for…Words

Whenever we make the drive between the Twin Cities and St. Louis in the family van, the conversation between my wife and I always seems to turn to asking each other what big, creative ideas are bouncing around our heads….


Improvements to the Centering Wisdom Assessment

To be totally honest, when I first created the Centering Wisdom Assessment (CWA) for use in my THEO 215: Christian Morality class, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing or where it would lead.  At the time I just…


“Social Meditation” on Insight Timer

When I first received an email from Maddy inviting me to consider posting guided meditations and podcasts to Insight Timer, I was skeptical.  I hadn’t heard of Insight Timer and I’m always leery when I receive an unsolicited email.  At the…



Tom’s reflective style created an atmosphere that both calmed and energized our staff.  This presentation led to a productive and interactive retreat.  Not only did we participate in the meditation but we learned more about the benefits of mindfulness and…

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Check in here to see what’s going on at the University of St. Thomas’s Project for Mindfulness & Contemplation

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