The Jewel is in the Lotus, or The Light is in the Mud

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any poetry, but on the bus ride into work this morning I was listening to Deva Premal’s chant of the Heart Sutra, which I combined in my mind with the saying I hear often from Tara Brach – “no mud, no lotus.”  This poem just sort of wrote itself…

The Jewel is in the Lotus, or The Light is in the Mud

They say that the jewel is in the lotus,
And the lotus rests upon the leaf,
And the leaf floats on the water,
And the roots reach down into the mud.

I close my eyes,
The lotus petals fold in.
I send awareness down to the roots,
into the mud.

I rest.
I explore
Next to the turtle who sleeps in the mud.
I send compassionate love up the root,
White light-energy flowing upward,
Seeking the sun.

Inside the folded petals
Light gathers,

Light-energy becomes the jewel.
The jewel becomes radiant
Enlightened by the dark energy
of the mud.

I open my eyes.
The jewel-light goes forth
Seeking its source.
Its Source is everywhere,
Every being.

I am
no longer
only light
only light


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