“Social Meditation” on Insight Timer

When I first received an email from Maddy inviting me to consider posting guided meditations and podcasts to Insight Timer, I was skeptical.  I hadn’t heard of Insight Timer and I’m always leery when I receive an unsolicited email.  At the same time, I was intrigued, and she didn’t ask me to send any money to a foreign bank account or to provide the last four digits of my first-born child’s social security number, so I began exploring the app.  It turns out to be one of the most used (over 1 million users), and most user-friendly, apps out there for meditation.  Apparently I was living under a meditation rock.  And they have hundreds of guided meditations from most any tradition you can think of – all available for free.

When we finally connected via phone I discovered that Maddy has a brilliant Australian accent, and she informed me that they have been receiving requests to increase guided meditations from the Christian tradition of contemplative prayer.  So I decided to begin by uploading the Intro to Centering Prayer and Meditation.  It posted this morning and it’s been played over 600 times in just one day! (Day 3 – over 1,000).  I’m still a big fan of the free app from Contemplative Outreach, especially since it is geared toward Centering Prayer specifically, but if you’re looking for something to support your practice I do recommend checking out Insight Timer.  Anything that gets butts on cushions and minds quiet is a good thing.

One of the coolest features of the app is that when you log in, it shows you how many people are currently meditation with the app, and a map of the world with pins where users are located.  Mashable calls it a “social meditation app” – pretty interesting concept.

Please Note: the app and guided meditations are free (although you can make in-app purchases), and I do not pay to list my podcasts there, nor do I receive any payment in return.  The only thing in it for me is the possibility of more people learning about contemplative prayer through my guided meditations – and many others.

Happy meditating!


2 Comments on ““Social Meditation” on Insight Timer

  1. Namaste Tom! I miss you, and have missed your posts. (Funny how that happens a lot when I’m not online!) Thank you for this recommendation. Peace, Myra

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