Coming Soon! – Online Course for “Everyday Mystics”

It’s been a slow summer for new blog posts, but that is partly because I have been developing a new online course, “Everyday Mysticism: Contemplative Christianity for Busy People.”  Participants will receive one ‘nugget’ (or lesson) of approximately 15 minutes each day for two weeks (14 total nuggets), with additional options to go deeper into the material.  My plan is to have it done before the end of the summer (and before the fall semester starts here at Aquinas Institute.)

I mention this now just in case anyone wants to head over and check things out at  (You won’t see the course yet, but you can sign up for the email list and receive a free tip sheet for cultivating your contemplative practice.)  Once the course is complete and open to registration, I’ll post a code here so that readers of the blog can receive a discounted rate.  I also hope to add other courses in the future, hopefully from other teachers as well.

In the meantime, thanks to all who have signed up to follow the blog, and I hope your summer is going well!


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