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Watch My Masterclass

Excellence has a shadow side. Maybe you’re already living in it?
Being motivated to act with excellence has helped you become successful and advance in your career.
BUT the pursuit of excellence can quickly turn into a critical, judgmental monster that takes over your mind.
Excellence can turn into self-criticism…never feeling good enough.
Excellence can turn into blaming others or the world…becoming a victim of circumstances beyond your control.
How often are you caught up in that endless stream of criticism and judgment? And what are the consequences of that constant stream?
If you hold it as tension, it can lead to shoulder pain, headaches, mindless eating or drinking to soothe your nerves.
Or maybe you constantly feel like there’s not enough…trapped in a sense of scarcity.
What happens when you try to force yourself to stop having critical thoughts?
It’s kind of like Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Trying to push those critical thoughts out using your critical mind keeps you trapped in a constant internal tension.
As the Third Chinese Patriarch of Zen (6th Century) states it:

When you try to stop activity to achieve quietude,
your very effort fills you with activity.

There’s a better way to deal with those critical-judging thoughts (based on ancient wisdom and modern science)!
Your brain evolved over millions of years to think. That’s what it does, and it’s powerful.
Instead of fighting against your brain, against nature, and against millions of years of evolution, you can work with nature to learn to release the thoughts that drive your overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and burnout.
In Centering for Wisdom you learn to simply notice those thoughts without fighting them, and then stay curious about what happens to them…
The goal isn’t to get rid of the thoughts. It’s to learn a new method and practice for working with them.
(Spoiler alert – the healing and grace are actually in the thoughts themselves. They contain a gift! You just need to learn how to find it!).
This gentle practice shifts everything in your life.
With a new method and practice, and God’s help, that critical voice you can turn criticism into a compassionate, healing presence.
Anyone can learn the practice. But it demands a conscious commitment and action, to learn it and apply it to your daily life.
If you’re sick and tired of suffering from that constant stream of self-critical, judging thoughts, and you want to see if this new, gentle, healing approach is right for you, then I’m inviting you to book your free Breakthrough Session.
We’ve helped other overwhelmed and exhausted leaders like you transform their entire life.  All with just One. Simple. New practice.
So, go ahead and book your Breakthrough Session right now.
Talk soon,
P.S. Wondering what we do on these Breakthrough Sessions? Here’s the secret – I or my team member will spend about 45 minutes helping you get absolute clarity on where these thoughts are showing up and driving your stress. We’ll help you see what could be possible without those critical thoughts. And we’ll help you craft a game plan to get you there!
P.S.S. Wonder if this can work you? We’ve helped CFO’s, COO’s, Business Owners, Managing Directors, Realtors, Senior Managers – from lots of different industries. We’ve also helped people from any spiritual or religious background, or none. The practice is elegantly simple, and it works. But only if you take action. Clicking below is one simple action that can transform everything in your life!  
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