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A few weeks ago I posted about why you should STOP doing guided meditations! It received some impassioned responses, both for and against what I was saying.
Let me be clear: I am NOT saying guided meditations are bad. Rather, my goal is to help you go deeper than a guided meditation can take you.
WHY is that my goal?
Because I want you to experience true freedom – healing from chronic stress, connect with God at a more intimate level, get in touch with your true purpose and power, and stay centered and aligned with your power for the rest of your life. That’s all!
I’m also not claiming to have a magic bullet that will eliminate all your problems. We’re human, life happens, we make mistakes.  Stress is part of being a leader, even a busy contemplative leader…
But when you have a simple practice you can do on your own, you can quickly get back to your center when life throws you a curveball.
Guided meditations can be helpful for getting you started. At some point the desire to go deeper into interior silence and stillness comes up.
The problem is not everyone recognizes it. And even for those who do, they don’t always know what to do with that longing?
This is what Ronald Rolheiser calls “The Holy Longing.”
How do you know if you’re experiencing the Holy Longing? There are some classic signs you may be currently experiencing:
  • Old ways of praying or meditating no longer work well… including guided meditations
  • You feel what St. John of the Cross calls “spiritual dryness”
    • Dryness can feel like a sense of the absence, distance, or even abandonment by God…
  • A loss of joy in things that used to bring happiness…
  • Frustration with the external forms of religion (but still desiring to deepen your faith)…
  • Stress, anxiety, and overwhelm are taking over everything in your life…
If you’re willing to listen to this discomfort, it contains a gift. It may be the Spirit calling you to go deeper, to access your inner core of goodness and wisdom.
But to follow that path, you have to let go of your old ways of dealing with stress and discover a new way.
It takes courage to respond to this call. And the sad reality is, most people don’t.
But if you’re feeling that Holy Longing, and have the courage to respond, that’s exactly why we created Breakthrough Sessions.
If you’re feeling that longing, congratulations! Many people never even feel this. Even fewer have the inner courage to see where it takes them.
The question is what are you going to do about it?
Our free, no pressure Breakthrough Sessions are a proven method to help you uncover where you’re currently being led by your true Self/the Spirit. And you’ll get total clarity on how to take the next step toward freedom – better health and relationships, greater spiritual depth, and effectiveness in your leadership.
Do you have the courage to see where it leads?
If yes, book your free Breakthrough Session right now!
Wishing you blessings and courage,
P.S. I’m not arrogant enough to claim that saying yes to me and clicking that link is the same thing as saying yes to God. But I AM 100% CONFIDENT in this process to know that we can help you get clarity on what to do next… And come up with a game plan to say yes to your Soul. And if we can help you get there, we will discuss that with you. And if not, we will bless you and look for other people or resources who can.  https://thomasjbushlack.com/apply
P.S.S. It’s really that simple, and could be the most powerful 45 minute breakthrough discussion you ever have…
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