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My friend Eric is the Executive Director for a network to create economic policies that reduce poverty, address global conflict, and care for the environment.
He has addressed U.S. Congress and the U.N. General Assembly, consulted with Presidents, the Pope, and international leaders.
As I read about Eric in our alumni magazine he talked about the power of “Joy Attacks”! Joy attacks are surprising moments of grace. Moments where something good and unexpected happens.
Joy Attacks can be simple moments of feeling fulfilled and grateful – for no apparent reason!
Or they can be moments where you experience a breakthrough in your career or with a difficult relationship, almost without effort.
When was the last time you had a Joy Attack? Have you ever had one?
Doing the work of advocating for economic justice is difficult. “Joy Attacks” help Eric connect to the meaning and purpose for his work.
Not all of us do that kind of high-profile work. But we all need moments of joy, purpose, and connection to something bigger than ourselves.
The challenge is that it can be hard to stay open to those Joy Attacks in the midst of our busy lives. Often it’s easier to focus on what’s wrong in the world. (Doom scrolling on social media…!) We brace ourselves for the next disaster, the next mistake or failure.
Psychologists call this a “negativity bias.” It has developed as part of human evolution over millions of years. We’re hardwired to see what’s wrong and to feel anxious.
If you’re trapped in feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or burned out, this negativity bias is probably driving it.
But the good news is that it’s possible to reverse the process. You can create a “positivity bias,” so that you’re ready for life’s Joy Attacks!
One of the first things I tell people when they start a daily centering practice is that the experience you have during the practice does not matter.
What does matter is that you do your practice every day, because that allows real change to happen. As you experience deep healing from chronic stress and anxiety (or trauma), you start having Joy Attacks.
Joy Attacks are way more fun than anxiety attacks. (Trust me, I’ve had both…)
After a while Joy Attacks become something you expect. You experience them weekly, maybe even daily. Expecting things to go well becomes your new normal.
If you feel trapped in that negativity bias, and you’d like more Joy Attacks, then I may be able to help.
To find out, schedule you free Breakthrough Session for a time that works for you. Clicking the link will show you the calendar times we have available in the next 24 to 48 hours.
Then when we call you, we’ll help you get clear on where you’re stuck in negativity bias, anxiety, and overwhelm. And we’ll come up with a plan to get you moving toward Joy.
And if we can help you take positive action to improve your health and connect with joy and purpose, we’ll discuss that with you. And if not, that’s fine too.
But millions of years of human evolution won’t reverse itself. You’ve got to take compassionate action toward yourself. Booking your Breakthrough Session could be the act of self-love that brings you closer to your next Joy Attack.
Click the link now to find out how you can be prepared for a lifetime of Joy Attacks!
Talk soon,
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