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Watch My Masterclass

No matter what happens next Tuesday, roughly half of the U.S. population is going to feel angry and disappointed.

Can you imagine being so centered in your authentic Self, so clear about your purpose, and have such indestructible peace of mind that you feel perfectly content and happy no matter who wins the election next week, or how long the global pandemic continues, or how many natural disasters take place?

We all want the world around us to conform to our desires.

But waiting for the world around us to conform to our will is a guaranteed recipe for frustration, anger, and rage. Why else would our world be so full of hateful messages, negative ads, and fear-mongers in our media right now?

Everyone is looking for someone to blame; and blame is disempowering. I believe in a world with empowered leaders who are committed to owning their God-given vision for contributing to the greater good through their business and their leadership.

But that means it’s more important than ever to double down and find something that keeps you centered, grounded, and spiritually aligned with God’s love…AND to bring that presence into everything you do, personally and professionally.

Here’s the thing, though: this new way of BEING doesn’t happen by accident. It requires the courage to say yes to whatever is going on around us and within us, to say yes to God…no matter what. And this is a skill that has to be practiced every single day.

I call that “surrendering in” to challenging situations. By embracing this non-violent approach to addressing problems, we open ourselves to the Infinite Creative energy that wants to express through us.

We stop wasting our energy resenting others or resisting what is; and we find infinite energy to move toward the hopeful future that wants to be born through us.

Do you see how powerful that is?

Here’s the deal: no one else is teaching a simple spiritual practice that anyone can learn quickly, do anywhere, and practice for life, in order to stay aligned with your deepest values, no matter what happens around you.

I’d love to talk you about how you can use this idea to tap into infinite creative energy and stay centered in your purpose for the rest of your life.

If you want to come up with a concrete game plan to get out of feeling constantly overwhelmed and get centered in your purpose – no matter what happens next Tuesday, and beyond – then I’ve set aside some time in the next couple of days to help you come up with a plan.

Click the link below right now to schedule a free Breakthrough Session where I’ll help you craft an individualized plan for protecting yourself against toxic stress, so that you know exactly what you need to do next, rather than drowning in a sea of negative messages and attack ads.

But sign up now; spaces are very limited (there’s only one of me!). You can be prepared for whatever happens next Tuesday and any chaos that comes afterwards, but you’ve got to take action to protect yourself before the flood of anxiety comes at you.


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