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True confession – This whole website is one big experiment, and I don’t always know what I’m doing.   My whole reason for creating all the media available here is to support others in beginning and deepening a practice of contemplative prayer and meditation – to share the fruits of contemplation, and to offer a positive voice for compassionate change.  But sometimes I wonder if all the work is worth it…

I have my moments of doubt about whether or not online learning can be truly transformative in a way that connects people with God, their true selves, and with others.  I don’t always know how or if these resources are connecting with others, although I really enjoy hearing from people which does happen occasionally (you can drop me a note in the contact form in the footer below – seriously!).

But then I read the following review from Julie of “Everyday Mysticism: Contemplative Christianity for Busy People,” the first course I created at Contemplative-U, and it has reminded me why I started doing all of this in the first place.  I’m grateful to Julie, not only for the review and positive feedback, but also for her permission to publish it here.  It might sound corny, but even knowing the course has effected one person so positively makes all the work to create and publish it worthwhile.

“Knowing others are on the same path gives me such peace. I feel so blessed, yet sometimes simply reciting prayers seems inadequate and I long for more, for a closer, more loving relationship with God. I’ve heard prayer described as “a long, loving look at the real” and “resting in God resting in me,” and realized that’s what I want yet I had no idea how to get to that place. I practice yoga and we occasionally meditate at the end of a session, so I tried incorporating those techniques into my prayer life. It helped, yet I felt so alone and sometimes, a little guilty. It’s a little radical for my friends, family, fellow parishioners and even the other members of my yoga classes! The descriptions of the various types of prayer are clear and easy to follow and the presentation is engaging, but this is much more than how to pray. With the addition of a little history and science there’s so much to back this up. The man who said this takes God out of the box had it right. I have read scripture and prayed daily for several years, and since taking this course, have followed that up with 5-10 minutes of meditation most days. It feels right, it feels good and I can see more and more clearly how God is working in my life and appreciate those small daily miracles I once took for granted. Thank you. I was looking for support and am surprised at how liberating it is to find companionship. I know I will return to this and the resources you provided many times”

  • Julie

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