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Think back to when you were a kid.  What was it that you threw yourself into?  What did you love to do that was pure play? Simply for the joy of doing it.

For some of you it could be dance, sports, music, exploring the outdoors, just playing in the dirt…

I grew up in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids, surrounded by lakes and woods.  And we played every sport know to humankind.  We even made up our own sports.  (I can tell you the rules of “Darkball” some other time).

What I remember is that whatever we did, we played all out.  We did not hold back.

We weren’t worried about outcomes.  We all wanted to win, of course.  But we just threw our bodies into everything.  Getting dirty, scraped up, but happy.

But when did you start holding back?  When did you start worrying about being judged…or failing…or getting hurt?

We all hold back at times.  Maybe you hold back all the time now?  Trying to protect yourself.

Maybe it was a critical comment from a parent, a teacher, a coach, a boss, a colleague, a bad review from a client?  And then you stopped playing full out…

Better to withdraw in fear than to risk being judged or criticized.

But when you hold back in fear, you end up unhappy, overwhelmed, burned out.

And what’s worse – you start to lose sight of your reason for being here…on this earth.  You get caught off from the purpose behind your work and your leadership.  You forget the joy and excitement that first led you to your career.

But we are not made to live this way.  And you don’t have to live this way!

God created you to play, have fun, explore, get dirty – and yes, to work hard.  But God did not create you just to suffer through.  (No offense, grandma, but we were not put on this earth only to suffer.)

Centering for Wisdom gives you a way back to that sense of play and adventure…but as an adult now.

But here’s the truth – that joyful kid never went anywhere.  S/he is still there.  Waiting to come back and play.  This is your True Self.

The process of Centering for Wisdom is just a way, a method, to help you let go of and heal from the stories and hurts that are keeping you from playing all out.

And here’s another truth – if you choose to play all out, you will get dirty and you will fail sometimes.  There’s no success without failure – lots of it.

But by playing all out, regardless of the outcomes, learning from the failures, and always moving toward your goals, you’re also more likely to get the outcomes you want…better relationships, better mental, physical, and spiritual health, better products and services for your clients.

That little kid is knocking on your door.  Can you come out and play?

One way we can help you answer that knock is to schedule your free Breakthrough Session.

The reason we offer them is to see if you want to come out and play.  And maybe change the world along the way…by allowing God to change you first, from the inside out.

Do you want to come out and play?  If yes, then click that link right now!

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