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There’s a famous story told about Thomas Keating when he was first teaching Centering Prayer, the spiritual practice on which Centering Meditation is based. They were on a retreat, and a woman stood up and said,
“I’m a mother and I work full time. I have to drop kids at school, get my work done, pick the kids up from child-care, come home and help with dinner, and help with homework and the kids’ activities. There’s no way I can do two, 20-minute sitting sessions in a day.”

After a long pause, Thomas said, “you’re right. You don’t need to two sits in a day if you’re that busy – you need three!”

Of course, Thomas’s point wasn’t that she needed to add one more item to her to-do list! His point was that the busier we are, the more we need our regular practice in order to be able to respond wisely, rather than react, when our days feel overwhelming.

I had a day like this last week at work. After I was able to resolve the unexpected, “distracting” situation and I had finished my lunch, I felt this tremendous pressure to grab a cup of coffee and just hammer out my task list. But before I launched into my to-do list, I paused.. I made a conscious decision to do my second sit of the day before going back to my desk. It was not easy to do this! But it made such a huge difference in my day. In fact, I got through my necessary tasks for that afternoon more efficiently (that is, in less time) and with much less tension, anxiety, and stress. I went home feeling good about my workday and I was much more present to my wife and kids for the evening.

So, If you haven’t already done so, please take a minute right now and click over to CenteringforWisdom.com where you can download your copy of my free E-Book, “How to Start Practicing Centering for Wisdom,” along with an added bonus gift. Also, take a minute to follow my channel on Youtube and check back in as I’ll be uploading short videos to help support your healthy habits of CenteringForWisdom.

Until next time, May you find peace in your contemplative practice, and may that peace help you to share your beautiful soul and your deep inner wisdom with the rest of us – for your happiness, for the good of others, and for the common good of your community. Peace

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