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I found myself in leadership roles that I didn't feel qualified to have. I knew I needed to release some emotional baggage and build up my confidence and the level of worthiness I felt. I wanted to find the person God created in me before life left its marks. I wanted to live with all the strength, confidence, and victory that had been placed in me by God. Through the process of committing to the meditations (which I haven't missed one of since we started!) and fulfilling the action items, I found that person. I now feel completely empowered to take on the leadership roles I am in. My whole mindset is shifting in how I see myself and how I want to live my life, with confidence and boldness!

Toni Stogdill
Toni Stogdill
Real Estate Agent and Director of Communications
Master Investors' Tribe

As a busy, stressed-out business owner, Tom's workshops have helped me to recognize the value of a centering practice in making better decisions, using my energy efficiently and being more creative in my work.

Aimee Dunn
Aimee Dunn
COO, BGI & Principal
The Coras Group
(St. Louis, MO)

After attempting to piece together my own contemplative practice with little success, I was intrigued and grateful to find the exceptional Centering for Wisdom program. Tom Bushlack's program provided a solid foundation for a lifelong, life-altering centering meditation practice. I appreciated Tom's engaging discourse, and open and organic teaching style, which challenged me, inspired me, and crystallized my desire to continue on this spiritual journey and work on aligning my outer life with my inner compass. Since embarking upon this journey, I’m discovering a new level of peace and compassion in my life.

Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner
COO of Euclid Media Group

At a time when I was most overwhelmed with life, I happened upon Tom Bushlack. He introduced me to the Centering for Wisdom program. My program with Tom helped me slow down, focus, and center my thoughts on a place of openness. While Tom was careful not to overpromise, his guidance knocked down so many levels of resistance. As a result, my work in the program has given me deeper insight into my own behavior, and more compassion and understanding of the behavior of others. Working with Tom was like having a warm cup of tea on a cold day. He is brilliant, insightful and the perfect guide for someone who is looking to accept or manage the chaos of life. I left my program with a clearer picture of what I can do to improve my ability to handle and process stress, increase my patience for others and for myself, and achieve a better and more efficient work environment.

Brandi Unger
Debbie Champion
J.D. Founding Partner, Rynearson, Suess, Schnurbusch & Champion
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