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All courses offered at Contemplative U are now available completely free, with a request for a free-will donation or offering!  

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about money recently.  Like sex, money is one of those taboo topics that brings up intense desires can be difficult to square with spirituality and a contemplative practice (or at least it has been for me.)

Since I founded Contemplative U (exactly one year ago), I’ve felt “funny” about offering courses on contemplative practice just like any other commodity on the web.  But at the same time, I know that these courses offer real value for others and that my time and experience is worthy of financial compensation.  How to balance these two aspects of my desire to share what I love with others in a way that brings real value for course participants and on behalf of the common good?

Exchange of Value

I created Contemplative U to share the fruits of contemplation with others, and I like many other teachers I have concerns about meditation becoming a middle-to-upper-class commodity.  I’m deeply committed to justice and Catholic Social Thought, and I envision a world where contemplative practices are available for everyone.

In my podcast interview with Dr. Steven (Stoma) Parker (Contemplate This! Episode 7), he mentioned his spiritual practice of offering his teachings all over the world and trusting that others will compensate him in a fair manner that supports his work.  That idea has inspired this decision to offer all the teachings here for free, and to trust that those of you who find value in it will respond to the degree that you are willing and able.

Just as before, 5% of all proceeds go to charities that serve others in need, regardless of religious affiliation, ethnicity, or background.

And let me say Thank You for your generosity in supporting this site and my offerings – both to those of you who already have offered, and to those who are yet to do so!

That’s why when you sign up for any course at CU, you now choose how much you desire to pay in exchange for the content and experience of each course! 

All I ask is that you honestly consider how much the course is worth to you and what you are able to contribute. 

If $0 is what you can offer for now, then please enjoy any course and pay it forward to others it non-financial ways (consider it a karmic deposit)!  Your donation enables me to keep creating and hosting more content that supports “contemplative practices for the common good.”

Once you sign up for a course, the first “lesson” will bring you to a donations page, where you’ll see the identical form below: 

Please Note:  I care about protecting your information and identity.  All donations are completely secure* and can be made via credit card or PayPal. 

*Look for the “https://” in the URL – the “s” means it has a valid SSL certificate to protect your information.

In fact, if you feel moved to make a free-will offering right now to support the free media available here, you can test out the gratitude-expanding form above!

I sincerely hope that the materials available here on my site, the Contemplate This! podcast, at www.Contemplative-U.com, and on Insight Timer bring greater joy and love into your life, and that you pay that karmic deposit forward in whatever ways aligns with your desires and means.

With my deepest gratitude,


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