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Whenever we make the drive between the Twin Cities and St. Louis in the family van, the conversation between my wife and I always seems to turn to asking each other what big, creative ideas are bouncing around our heads.

It turns out we have both half-formed stories bouncing around inside our heads that are looking for the right words to be expressed.  My wife, Anna Marie, has already written and performed her own plays, and has a wonderfully humorous and meaningful blog about the life of a dedicated (and exhausted) mother of three – The Art of Becoming.

During this conversation we turned to discssing what to do with random, open space in our new master bedroom.  During our conversation, I decided I’d build a writing table to put in that corner – something just for us (not the kids) in a space where we are (less) likely to be distracted or interrupted.


I found plans for this simple farmhouse table at Ana White’s website, and this adaptation of the same plans from Falafal and the Bee.  After more trips than originally planned to Home Depot (why does this always happen?), I got to work.


Next thing you know, we have a little writer’s retreat corner…


You just never know what will come up when you start looking for those spaces for creating transformation – both the literal, external and metaphorical, interior spaces.  As they say, nature abhors a vacuum.  Stay curious and see what starts to fill that space for you!

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