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Maria Gullo is a fellow teacher of Centering Prayer and on the Insight Timer app, the creator of TheDeeperConnection.org, a trained and experienced spiritual director, and a small business owner.  Maria first reached out to me after we found each others’ teachings on Insight Timer, and it took is over a year to finally connect.  The word that stands out for me from this interview is “integration.” Maria wears many hats in life, but she refuses to be divided or fragmented by different roles – it’s her contemplative practice, her resting in divine stillness, that integrates her life into a coherent whole. This is both nourishing and healing for her and for those who encounter her.

Not surprisingly, it seems that she had just the wisdom and perspective that I was looking for, not just for the podcast, but for my own business development. In this episode she shares her deep wisdom that she has developed from her wide interests in business, spiritual direction, and contemplative teaching.

Maria Gullo has been a Spiritual Director since 2004, a teacher and student of Contemplative Christian Spirituality for over 20 years and a small business owner for 28 years.  She is a ballroom dancer, mother, grandmother and business woman who lives, shares and teaches Contemplative Christian Spirituality through her ministry work The Deeper Connection.

Maria Gullo, MSPC
Spiritual Director

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