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After my interview with Fr. Laurence Freeman, OSB, (See Episode 14), he immediately suggested that I get in touch with Dr. Barry White.  Listeners are going to be very grateful for this connection!  This interview will transform the way you think about health and healthcare. 

Dr. Barry White, M.D. is hematologist and an executive board member of VHI Health and Wellbeing, a part of VHI – the largest health insurance provider in Ireland.

He was a keynote speaker at the John Main Seminar in 2018, hosted by the World Community for Christian Meditation, and his talk on a contemplative approach to medicine is riveting. 

Barry White: A contemplative practice to transform healthcare from Meditatio on Vimeo.

Barry has a deeply insightful, contemplative understanding of health and healthcare.  It could also radically transform how we think about the practice of medicine.  Whether you’re a practitioner or provider of medicine, someone who works in healthcare, or you’re just a patient of modern healthcare – and that’s just about everybody – you’re going to find this interview powerful and thought-provoking.


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