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Keith Kristich lives in Buffalo, NY with his partner and wife, Colleen. He’s a self-described lover of nature, good conversation, and am often found with a book, banjo, or guitar in hand. In his own words, he says “My ultimate aim is to help people slow down and reconnect with their deepest and truest self.”

His website is at keithkristich.com/; you can also check out a free resource from Keith called Closer Than Breath: Finding God Within:

Two things stand out about this interview.  First, Keith discovered meditation “by accident.”  Of course, nothing happens by accident, but he started his journey just by being naturally drawn into silence after listening to music.  Once he realized what he was doing, he started to explore Buddhist teachings, and only later did he realize this was a part of the Christian tradition and then found his way into a more formal practice like Centering Prayer.

Second, he’s a Millenial who is taking up the mantle of contemplative practice and is sharing it with others through his website, retreats, in-person and online meditation groups, Enneagram coaching, and other creative pursuits.

Additional Resources:

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