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For this episode, I am your co-host, along with Nick Zolfo, the host of the podcast “Catching ZZ’s: A Millenial’s Guide to Mindfulness.”  Nick and I were introduced by a mutual friend (Joseph Ranseth), and we realized that we have a very similar purpose behind our podcasts – which is to highlight the wisdom of others’ spiritual practices and share it with as many people as possible.

Since we are so aligned, we decided to make this a co-interview, just taking turns interviewing each other about meditation practices, podcasts, and how we apply our practice to daily life and sharing our passion with others.

Nick Zolfo is a podcast host, meditation teacher, and community builder. He brings experience with 4.5 years of his own meditation practice, coursework in mindfulness, including SIYLI 2 day training, and 3 years of hosting the Catching Z’s podcast.  He seeks to help others explore their minds and develop their own practice.

Catching Z’s does this by sharing stories of people with diverse backgrounds about how they’ve developed a spiritual practice and how everyone has their own unique journey to discover theirs.

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