Eliminate Overwhelm and Connect With Your Purpose Watch My Masterclass

Watch My Masterclass

Ben Gioia (“joya”) is a two-time best-selling author, speaker, and creator of the Influence With A Heart® Method.  If you have a BIG IDEA, Ben will teach you how to write your #1 best selling book — in 5 weeks — and position yourself for a media explosion (and more) in 3 months.

Ben helped a Fortune 100 company shift culture, trained leaders at Stanford, launched the world’s biggest magazine, and created a video game with MIT to transform employee resilience and customer experience.

Ben’s signature talk, The Buddha Smile, shows people how to quit suffering. His teachings are used by 30,000+ people around the world.

The foundation of Ben’s work, in his own words, is “mindfulness and loving-kindness” and bringing that into the business space openly and publicly.  In our interview, Ben talks publicly for the first time about an experience he had with his meditation teacher that allowed him to let go of ALL the doubt and that inner critical voice that holds so many of us back.

Learn more about Ben at https://www.influencewithaheart.com/

FINALLY! Write Your #1 Best Selling Book In Just 5 Weeks. So it‘s Timely, Relevant, and Profitable.

Ben makes it look so easy to align his contemplative practice with his personal and professional life.  But “simple ain’t easy!”

It is easy to get stuck in constantly feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to deepen a contemplative practice.  Unfortunately, that leads too many people to give up, or to never try in the first place.  I hear from people every day who just don’t know what to do, or who want to get back into their practice.  That’s too bad because these are common problems and they can be solved.

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