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Matthew Mumber, M.D., practices medicine as a board-certified radiation oncologist with the Harbin Clinic in Rome. After entering private practice, Matt attended and graduated from Dr. Andrew Weil’s fellowship in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona, where he met Rachel Remen and attended trainings on facilitation of physician-patient retreat groups through Commonweal.

Subsequently, Matt attended and graduated from a 2-year program on spirituality at the Living School for Action and Contemplation through the Rohr Institute, where he studied with Jim Finley. An author of academic and lay press texts on the subject of healing, Matt has edited an academic textbook entitled Integrative Oncology: Principles and Practice and also co-wrote a lay-press health and wellness book, Sustainable Wellness with Heather Reed. He has served as the president of the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology. His first book of poetry, In the Awakening Season, was published in fall 2020.

Matt’s poetry, which draws on his personal, professional, cultural, and natural-world experiences, stems from his Lectio Divina meditation and spiritual practice. Matt has facilitated groups and retreats focused on transformation and healing for over twenty years.

He lives in Georgia with his wife and three sons.

In the Awakening Season

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