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One of the questions I have been wrestling with for the past couple of years is how can I best help my clients to “feel” the difference that a daily Centering practice makes in the body?  It’s a hard thing to explain, because until you have experienced feeling centered, it can seem somewhat mystical, or intangible.

But once a client begins to allow the contemplative process to unfold from within the body (in a process called Heartfulness), that’s when the benefits really start to become real…tangible.  That’s when the “Aha! moments” and light bulbs start to go off.  That’s when deep healing and transformation are really taking place.

With time and practice, knowing when you are centered and guided by inner Wisdom becomes intuitive…like a second nature.  But as a teacher, coach, and mentor, I want to help you experience that intuitive connection as soon as possible.  (Meanwhile, our world needs as many people tuning into this kind of wise leadership as possible!).

In fact, one of the biggest frustrations I hear from clients when beginning to learn the Centering practice is that they feel like they’re doing it wrong.  The reason is because the deepest transformations are taking place at non-conscious levels of awreness.  It can take a long time before the benefits are experienced consistently.  It’s hard to keep going without that direct feedback (even if I’m reassuring them along the way.)

That’s why I’ve decided to team up with the HeartMath Institute and the Inner Balance™ Sensor.  It allows us to bring in real-time data to show clients that changes are happening in the body, even when we haven’t yet learned how to feel and appreciate those changes.

Based on over 25 years of scientific research, the HeartMath Institute has found that when we are centered in the heart-space and in positive emotions – such as compassion, love, connection, gratitude, etc. – this creates immediate and measurable changes in the physiology of how our heart communicates with the brain.

(I have to smile here when I see modern science “discovering” what ancient contemplative traditions have known for thousands of years.  The heart is the moral-spiritual core of the human person in every contemplative spiritual practice, and Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and other mystics, along with yogis and boddhisattvas, have been teaching this for millenia.  But I digress… and at the end of the day I love the science behind all of this.)

By measuring something called Heart-Rate Variability (HRV), they can determine if our hearts are in alignment with our brains.  That is, we can know with absolute certainty if the heart is helping the brain to function at an optimal level to feel safe and calm, to enhance wise decision-making, to improve focus, to lower stress, and to improve sleep. among other benefits.

When the heart and brain are aligned, scientists call this “Coherence.”  In Centering for Wisdom, I like to call it being “Centered” and “Aligned” with Divine Wisdom.

In the image below the top line shows how frustration creates low coherence (irregular HRV patterns), while the bottom line shows high coherence (regular, healthy HRV patterns):

Using the Inner Balance Sensor and the free app (for Android or iPhone; see screen shot below), you will be able to watch your alignment, coherence, and health develop in real time!

And you’ll be able to track your progress over time, so you can see exactly how your daily centering practice is not only facilitating deeper healing and connection with God, but it’s also making it easier for you to stay in a state of coherence… Or to return to center after a stressful event.

Over the next few months I will be going through the training process to become a HeartMath® Certified Mentor.  While this will allow me to use the miracles of modern technology to help you get feedback on your practice and to track your prgress, I’ll still be drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the great contemplative thinkers and traditions – especially in the Centering Prayer & Meditation tradition.

While the core content of Centering for Wisdom will remain the same, I’m also rebuilding my entire approach to how I help executives, business owners, and professionals to integrate contemplative wisdom into their daily lives – for their own good and for the good of the people and communities they serve.

Stay tuned for more updates as I revise my work and share more of what I’m learning about HeartMath Coherence.  In early 2022 I will be offering a brand new Centering for Wisdom program at a new price point (to make it available to anyone) and with updated wisdom and technology.

Whether we’ve talked previously (in a Breakthrough Session), or you’re brand new here, I’m working hard to make this important work of wellness and wisdom available to anyone who wants the benefits.  So stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you have any questions please drop me a line on my Contact Us page, in the Facebook Messenger chat-box below… Or join our free Facebook group for Busy Contemplative Leaders.

I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon!



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