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Relativity of TimeAfter a friend of mine began a regular sitting meditation practice each morning, she realized that her relationship with time had changed.  We all have 24 hours in a day, and yet we also know – thanks to Mr. Einstein – that time is relative.  My friend had come to the realization that with a regular practice, she somehow felt like there was more time in the day.  Like things slowed down a bit.

I think this changed relationship with time occurs not because time itself slows down, but because we slow down!  Or to be even more specific, our minds slow down.  And when we’re able to do that (from a regular contemplative practice), it feels like there’s more time in between all the thoughts and tasks and worries bouncing around inside our heads.  We start to dwell more in the silent, slow spaces within, rather than the chaotic external pace of life.  Our perspective changes. Our relationships change.

And isn’t that what everybody wants?  Don’t we want to have more time to focus on what is truly important?  To complete the given tasks in our day with a sense of focus and efficiency (even knowing that list will never come to an end)?  To be present to our daily lives with integrity and authenticity to ourselves and to God?  To live from our center?

Finding our way into a slower mental space is what I would call finding the center.  And it is a struggle for everyone.  Nor does everyone even want or attempt to find that center.  But once the journey is begun, there truly is no going back.  The only option is to keep seeking, struggling, and being drawn into that center from which everything else flows.

Lots of teaching and a pretty normal – that is to say, hectic – family life have kept me from blogging as frequently as I normally like.  And some loyal followers may have noticed some changes on the site.  I’m continually searching for the best way to share my passion for contemplative practices and for exercising wise and ethical decisions – with others.  I continually think about how to provide high quality and accessible resources that can help others (that’s you, thanks for reading!) to Get Centered – to live in a way that you, your organization, and your community can truly thrive in an aligned and integrated way.

Before I go into some of these new offerings, let me assure you that everything you’ve enjoyed previously on my site will remain the same.  My meditations on here and on Insight Timer remain free; the Contemplate This! podcast will soldier on; and Contemplative U courses are, and will always be, free (with requested donations to offset the resources of time and money that go into creating them).  Meanwhile, I’ve begun working with a business coach and a public speaking coach in order to reach some new folks through new avenues of sharing my teaching.  These now include public speaking, workshops and seminars, and coaching programs.  These programs are now highlighted on the Get Centered! page – https://thomasjbushlack.com/getcentered/.

Having completed our initial study validation study of the Centering for Wisdom Assessment tool with my colleague, Dr. Tonia Bock, my desire is to make the fruits of that research practical, available, and applicable to others for professional and personal development.  Here are some of the highlights of the practical applications of finding your center:

CWA Correlational R-Values

CWA Incremental Validity

Even though I think publishing these results is pretty cool, knowledge is power only if it’s applied to practical action.  And that’s what the new Get Centered! programs are intended to do – to help others access their innate center of wisdom and then take that centered goodness and share it with others in the world, whether that’s at work or in professional life.  And guess what?  The world needs your uniquely centered and wise self, and with the right support anyone can Get Centered and contribute to a better world.

We all seem to be feeling increasing stress and anxiety, and so many of us struggle with a growing sense of cynicism about the potential for good in us as humans, in our social and political lives, in our business practices.  We’re so hungry for leaders who inspire us to be authentic and to act with integrity, who believe in doing well for themselves while also acting for the common good.  I want to offer public speaking programs, online courses  for going deeper into the CWA (that’s what I’m working on this fall, so stay tuned), and coaching services (for entrepreneurs, business or non-profit executives, managers, and leaders), politicians, and anyone else who wants to join me in doing the hard work of finding and living from your center.

If getting centered makes you fired up, then please contact me and let me know how I can be of service to you or your organization (click on those pretty buttons below!).  

As we say in the 12-step community, “take what you like, and leave the rest.”  If you, or someone you know, or some organization that you know of is looking for some inspiration to Get Centered (backed up with research and data, contemplative wisdom, and moving personal stories), then I’d really love to hear from you.

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