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Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™
“As a busy, stressed-out business owner, Tom’s workshops have helped me to recognize the value of a centering practice in making better decisions, using my energy efficiently and being more creative in my work.”
– Aimee Dunne, Founder & COO of BGI
Aimee Dunne attended one of my very first workshops on Centering for Wisdom.  At the time she was developing a proprietary software for her peer-advisory work with female entrepreneurs at Brazen Global.  Thanks in part to deepening her daily contemplative practice, she grew as a leader and recently launched BGI, the company that created Growth Groups‘ proprietary software.  We realized our programs could combine the following elements for a powerfully transformative leadership development experience:
  • Your daily Centering Meditation practice
  • Your results on the Centering for Wisdom™ Assessment 
  • One-to-One coaching with yours truly (Tom)
  • The collective wisdom and problem-solving power of peer advisory groups
And voila, a partnership was born between our Centering for Wisdom™ programs and BGI!
I’ll share my personal story of transformation – after just one demo Growth Group session with Aimee – in my next post!
Here are the OUTCOMES you can expect from participating:
  • Overcome distractions that undercut your focus, productivity, and creative problem-solving
  • Deepen your contemplative practice
  • Develop a centering for wisdom “style” that is uniquely YOU
  • Lead with greater wisdom and authenticity
  • Align your professional and financial goals with your personal values and purpose
  • Improve your teamwork and communication skills
First Cohort Begins Summer 2020
Full registration information coming soon!
(The web gurus are working on the final touches)

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