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Like many business leaders, when things get difficult and stressful, my first inclination is to start pushing harder.  That usually leads to the following outcomes:

  • Exhaustion, anger, and frustration
  • Poor results (in fact, things are usually worse!)
  • Having to apologize to the people I yelled at (colleagues, clients, spouse, kids, friends, the dog…)
  • Redoing projects done quickly and carelessly
  • Which leads right back to the first dot point above…

After a lot of headaches, I’ve learned a different approach to solving difficult problems – I call it “Surrendering In”

To explain what I mean by Surrendering In, there’s a trick that surfers use called “Duck and Dive.”

If you try to paddle straight through a breaking wave, it will take you under, toss you around in the surf like a wet pair of pants in the washing machine, send gallons of seawater up your nose, and deposit sand in your swim suit.  Not fun!

But if you “duck and dive” under the water right before the breakers come rolling at you, the wave rolls right over you (like in the photo above), and you pop up on the other side and keep paddling.  Fun – AND you get to keep moving out to where the good waves are!

The same thing is true for dealing with stressful situations, difficult co-workers, and unresolved problems or challenges in your business or personal life.  If you try to take them all on with sheer force of will, eventually you’re going to find yourself exhausted, angry, frustrated, dizzy, and with sand in your shorts.  Maybe you’re already feeling that way?

Most of us just accept that this is how things have to be in order for us to be successful and achieve our dreams.  BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s an easier way…And my clients are proving that it works every single day!

With a regular centering practice, you can learn how to approach stressful situations and unresolved problems in a different way.  It’s possible to learn to:

  • Recognize challenges early and without panicking
  • Stay centered and calm…trusting you have a failproof way to address it
  • Surrender In to the problem or situation (“Duck and Dive”!)
  • Emerge on the other side with a creative solution to old problems
  • Move your business, career, or team forward confidently with a new and improved plan

(Hint: This is what all the most highly successful leaders do, too!)

Surrendering in is just one skill that my clients are learning as part of the Centering for Wisdom approach to leadership.

It’s so simple that anyone can learn it.  And Centering for Wisdom shows you how to put it all together with a daily centering practice, while permanently eliminating the old habits of feeling overwhelmed or burned out and getting you back in touch with the passion that comes from knowing your true purpose and living in alignment with your divine purpose every single day.

That’s when you get out into the big breakers to surf the waves of life and have fun, rather than being slammed by the waves of life.

If you’re ready to start surfing the waves of business, leadership, and life, waking up every morning energized and aligned with your purpose – ready to move one step closer to your goals while serving and loving others at a higher level – then I’d like to invite you to schedule a free Breakthrough Session by clicking the link below.

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Just choose a time on my calendar that works for you.  I’ll help you get really clear on where you’re getting slammed by the waves, where you’d like to get out there and have more fun surfing, and then come up with a concrete plan to get you there.  There’s no cost and no obligation – just an honest conversation…about moving confidently toward your dreams for the rest of your life.

And I have a few additional time slots in the next few days heading into Thanksgiving.  But book your session now because slots are still limited and they fill up fast!

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