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Crossroads Press just released a new website that features our book, “Contemplation and Community: A Gathering of Fresh Voices for a Living Tradition.”  You can check it out at  Of course, we’d love for you to read the book; and there are some wonderful resources on this page for exploring more deeply into the contemplative life, especially on the “Resources” and Community” tabs!


“All around the world a resurgence of Christian contemplative living is creating a new framework for spirituality inside and outside of formal religion. Building on and expanding from the thoughts and works of such as Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating, Tilden Edwards, Laurence Freeman, and other founding members of the modern contemplative movement, a new movement carries on the work of their mentors. This collection brings together the diverse voices who have emerged as new leaders of the contemplative movement. Exploring a multitude of themes, such as silence, imagination, meditation, embodiment, community and social action, this volume introduces the new voices who reflect globally on the gifts, challenges, differences and commonalities of Christian contemplation today for communities and people of faith.”

You might recall that this book was the fruit of a gathering of young-ish contemplative Christian leaders who gathered in Snowmass, Colorado, for the New Contemplative Exchange.  Here’s what Barbara Taylor Brown, author of Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others, is saying about the book:


Explore the site here!

If you decide to purchase the book, please consider purchasing direct from the publisher or your local book seller to support your local businesses.

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