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“What is true all the time, needs to be celebrated at specific points in time.”


Ritual and spiritual practice help us to make what is always True to feel concrete and real…tangible.

If we look at the three “religions of the book,” each one is honoring a sacred season right now:

  • March 27 – April 4: Jewish Passover – a celebration of God liberating the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and guiding them into the Promised Land
  • April 1 – 4: Christian Triduum and Easter – a celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection, liberating Christians from selfishness and sin and guiding us toward union with God
  • April 12 – May 12*: Islamic month of Ramadan – a celebration of the holy month during which God first began to reveal the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad

Each of these traditions calls its followers to acts of prayer and meditation, fasting (and feasting), and selfless acts of charity during these sacred times of the year.

These practices focus the mind and the heart on what is true.

You probably “know” that you have a bigger purpose for your life…

BUT do you take the time to honor that truth?  To explore it with gentleness and curiosity?  To develop a daily practice of prayer or meditation that reminds you of what is true about who you are…And WHY you are here?

Or, are you like most people who go through life knowing the bigger truth and divine purpose for your life is out there (somewhere)…
BUT never attending to it?  Never allowing grace to do its work in the world through YOU, through your specific experiences, gifts, talents…even your struggles?

As I celebrate my family’s Easter traditions, and recognizing the sacred seasons around us, I want to let you know that I honor the Divine Presence and Purpose in you.

Whatever your religious tradition or background, I invite you to pause and consider what is true and sacred and beautiful within your Self.

Are you feeling called to set aside the distractions and to-do lists so you can focus on WHY you are here?

Are you hungry for a spiritual practice that will help you make what is always true feel real and tangible?

Amid these sacred days, I’m writing to honor the sacred within you!

AND if you feel a desire to unlock that inner sacredness so it can guide you through life’s ups-and-downs, then I also want to invite you to book a free Breakthrough Session.

We’ll spend about 45 minutes exploring where the Spirit is guiding you to lead with wisdom and compassion.  And if I can help you get there, we’ll discuss that.  (If not, that’s fine too.  Either way, you’ll get massive clarity from the call.)


P.S.  For as long as I am graced with life on this planet, I am always here if you wish to explore how to blow past the distractions of daily life and consider how you can live from a place of divine purpose.  Click the link now to sign up for your free Breakthrough Session – Apply – Thomas J. Bushlack

*Actual dates for Ramadan may vary depending on the first sighting of the moon.

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