Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™

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Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™

Centering for Wisdom® +HeartMath® Coaching Program


The Centering for Wisdom® Coaching Program is the only executive coaching program that combines the wisdom of ancient contemplative practices with the modern science of biofeedback to deepen your spiritual practice… While you remain fully engaged in your busy life, enjoy healthier relationships, and learn to live aligned with your true purpose, guided by Divine Wisdom – all day, everyday.


The Value – How Centering for Wisdom® Is Unique

  • Quickly learn a simple practice of contemplative prayer or meditation and integrate it into your daily life
  • Find deep healing from a lifetime of chronic stress and/or trauma as you shift your baseline emotional state towards greater coherence
  • Develop a more intimate relationship with God/Higher Power
  • Achieve your desired goals with less effort and lower stress
  • Apply the science and technology of +HeartMath® to track your progress
  • Learn emotion self-regulation techniques to be used in the moment as the stress or challenge is occurring, including:
    1. Intuitive, wise decision-making using the head and heart together for clarity and insight
    2. Communication from the heart
    3. Discover  your Root WHY™ (your true purpose for this life)
    4. Heart Mapping® project planning process

What You Get:

  • Eight (8) one-hour, pre-recorded training videos to introduce you to each weekly theme (lifetime access)
  • Weekly Action Items, with an option to receive feedback
  • Eight (8) 1-hour group coaching sessions (recorded in case you have to miss a session, lifetime access)
  • Personalized results to discover your Wisdom Profile™ ($59.98 value, included in program)
  • The best-selling Inner Balance™ Coherence Sensor ($199 value, shipped upon registration)
  • Training from a licensed HeartMath® Certified Mentor
  • View your results and track progress in real time with the Inner Balance app (free)
  • Supportive community in our private Facebook group (free, lifetime access)
  • Email support for any technology challenges or questions