Centering for Wisdom Assessment

Centering for Wisdom Assessment

Contemplative practices help us to move toward the center of our being where the movement is both inward and downward toward the Source of Being Itself (toward God, or the Divine indwelling presence), where we also experience boundless compassionate love for all beings.  The Centering for Wisdom Assessment (CWA) is based on the idea that as human beings each of us possesses an innate sense of wisdom, creativity, and integrity in the center of our being. Contemplative practices help us to become more centered for the exercise of wise choices and actions.

The CWA is a validated psychological assessment survey consisting of 27 questions that provide individualized feedback on how a person tends to respond cognitively (in thoughts) and emotionally (in feelings) to internal and external stimuli. As a tool for enhanced self-awareness it can help the participant to identify practices that facilitate movement toward his or her center of wisdom. The CWA has been used in university classrooms and workshops with professionals, and is currently undergoing an extensive process of professional review and statistical validation.  (Some initial results of that study are available here.)

Initial results were presented and published at the fifth annual conference of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, at Oxford University in January 2017.  You can view the paper presented here.

A more complete set of validation results is under review with a peer-reviewed academic journal and anticipated publication is forthcoming in 2018.

If you are interested in more information about the CWA, or would like me to present or administer it with your students, employees, or professional colleagues, please submit your query below:

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