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Thomas Bushlack

Mindfulness & Meditation. Evolved

Improve Focus, Productivity & Decision-Making.

To Unleash Your Inner Wisdom.

Once you have mastered the basic skills and competencies in your field, the single most important leadership skill you can develop is the ability to maintain a non-judgmental, present-centered awareness and to bring it into everything you do.
You possess unlimited resources for focused, productive, and creative work that is meaningful and adds value to the world. But all the distractions and stress of modern life mean that we can lose touch with our center of wisdom, our ground. Everyone has “triggers” or distractions that cause us to make bad decisions. When we’re cut off from our inner wisdom, we feel frustrated, have less energy, and wonder why we’re running the rat race. It’s okay – I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. That’s why I created the Centering for Wisdom™ programs and resources to help you learn mindfulness and meditation and to get you back to center.

Leaders who practice Centering for Wisdom™ enjoy the following benefits:


Less Anxiety


Less Stress


Less Depression

Avoiding Problems

How much time, energy, and money are wasted trying to fix the problems that come from decisions made when distracted or overly-stressed?
Or consider the embarrassment of apologizing after snapping at your co-worker or partner?
Or the time it takes to repair the damage to personal relationships, clients, or customers caused by snap-judgments?

What if you and your team could identify your triggers now? What if, rather than just mindlessly reacting (that is, making the same costly mistakes over and over), you could use that information to learn to re-center yourself and your organization? What if you learned to respond out of your inner wisdom, in alignment with personal and corporate values and purpose? That’s what Centering for Wisdom™ programs help you do.

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Tools For Your Business

Businesses use all kinds of proven tools to build awareness of personality styles – such as DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finder – and to improve systems – such as LEAN and Six Sigma CQI, Root Cause Analyses, and others. Centering for Wisdom™ takes these programs to an even higher level by helping you and your employees understand how and why persons make the right decision.

Centered leaders are empowered to…

Improve focus, productivity, and decision-making skills
Respond, rather than react, to stress in order to avoid burnout
Listen with empathy and respond to customers’ and clients’ needs
Work collaboratively with other employees and strategic partners
Find more purpose and meaning in work and relationships

centering for wisdom assessment
Click below now to request more information about how the Centering for Wisdom™ Assessment and programs can help you or your team get re-centered, or to have Tom present at your next corporate event or training.
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“In a world desperately in need of wise leadership and decision-making that benefit all people and the common good — including our planet and natural environment — we hope that the CWA can make a small contribution to enhancing this virtue of contemplative practical wisdom.”

(Thomas Bushlack and Tonia Bock 2018, p. 21)

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Dr. Bushlack has presented several workshops for our organization and the response has been overwhelming. They have found his information helpful and insightful. With his humble spirit shining through, Dr. Bushlack is definitely a favorite.

Paula Kaempffer
Paula Kaempffer
Director of Education
Basilica of St. Mary
(Minneapolis, MN)

As a busy, stressed-out business owner, Tom's workshops have helped me to recognize the value of a centering practice in making better decisions, using my energy efficiently and being more creative in my work.

Aimee Dunn
Aimee Dunn
COO, BGI & Principal
The Coras Group
(St. Louis, MO)

Tom combines exceptional wisdom with a warm, approachable and engaging style. An outstanding speaker and presenter, Dr. Bushlack has exceeded our expectations again and again.

Greg Pope
Greg Pope
Chief Mission Integration Officer
St. Thomas Health System
(Nashville, TN)

Thomas Bushlack and Centering for Wisdom’s approach to leadership and training was unlike anything our team has experienced previously. The message surrounding ideas of mindfulness and meditation was intellectual, inspiring and humbling. As a team, we learned how to recognize behaviors within ourselves and how to approach our work from a more centered place. Our team came away with a better understanding of self and our teammates. I’m looking forward to experiencing the long-term positive changes as a result of our experience with Centering for Wisdom.

Our team thanks you!

Brandi Unger
Brandi Unger
Director of Sales
Amplified Digital Agency
(St. Louis, MO)

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