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As mentioned in a previous post, I have been creating an uploading guided meditations to Insight Timer, the world’s largest free meditation app.  It’s been fun and inspiring to see what other teachers are uploading to learn how to make these more high-quality and professional-sounding.  But I also wanted to offer these meditations through my website.  (You can also check out all the free meditations available on the Podcasts page.)

The Welcoming Prayer: Saying Yes to Daily Life –

  • This one is pending on Insight Timer, but should be available soon.  The welcoming prayer is a practice of accepting whatever is arising in the present moment as a way of opening to the presence and action of God, a means of saying yes to divine grace in every circumstance and situation.  It is a helpful addition to a regular meditation or contemplative prayer practice that brings an active willingness to consent into daily life.

Prayer Into Sleep & Prayer Into Sleep II

  • Both of these are adaptations of the Examen, developed by St. Igantius of Loyola in the sixteenth century.  The first one includes an explanation of the history and theology of the prayer.  The second version skips the intro and includes longer periods of silence for contemplation.

Three Doorways to God: Body, Breath, Sacred Word –

  • A guided meditation in which the breath, the body, and the use of a sacred word are explored as three doorways into the divine silence.
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