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If there’s one thing that differentiates Centering for Wisdom from all the other self-help gurus, books, and programs out there, it’s this – Centering for Wisdom is not a self-help program. It is a program of self-surrender to a Power-Greater-than-yourself, and it shows you how to access that power – call it God, Divine Wisdom, Infinite Intelligence and Love – and live in alignment with it every single day.

WHY doesn’t self-help work? As a culture, we’ve bought into the lie that we can become a self-made man or woman. And when I say “bought in,” I mean to the tune of about 13 billion dollars a year!

But what’s the outcome of investing in self-help or self-improvement? You might feel better or more powerful for a while, but it ends up being kind of a Band-Aid solution. We hold up these icons of success, as if they got to where they are on their own. And then you compare yourself to where you are now – which is not like them – and you feel terrible and ashamed.

But here’s the real truth – you’re human! We are all taking part in this human experience in “earth school” (as I heard Caroline Myss put it recently). Or as one of my teachers in the Himalayan yoga tradition puts it, “human beings are perfectible, but only by grace.”

The self-help world tells you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and holds you up to impossible standards of being successful and feeling happy at all times. Honestly, I think that’s B.S. and a recipe for more misery.

Centering for Wisdom shows you how to embrace the full curriculum of earth school. That means it shows a way to work with your imperfections – and we all have them – while still loving yourself, and learning to see yourself as God already sees you – imperfect, yes, but perfectly loveable.

Ultimately, to truly grow into a contemplative leader in business or whatever organization you work, or as parents, you have to come face to face with what Carl Jung calls your shadow. It’s all your selfish, limited desires, and the things you don’t want to look at.

Self-help programs can just end up reinforcing the shadow’s selfish desires, which only locks you deeper into suffering, and keeps you stuck from genuine spiritual growth and deeper connection to God, Your Source and Creator.

The paradox of Centering for Wisdom is that by getting established in a daily centering practice of contemplative prayer and meditation, you connect with a deeper source of your inner core of goodness and wisdom – it is from that foundation that you look at your shadow, surrender it, allow it to be healed by grace.

When you can do that, you are not helping yourself to overcome your failures. Instead, you’re embracing your failings and shortcomings, surrendering them, and allowing them to be healed and integrated.

And our world needs healed and integrated leaders right now, because healed leaders cannot help but bring healing and wisdom to others. You do it both consciously and unconsciously, simply by being present with the people you lead and the ones you love – even with the ones that drive you crazy!

If you find yourself up against some of that shadow side in your leadership right now – and it’s ok, you’re not evil or bad, you’re just human like everyone else on this planet – and you’re ready to go deeper into that healing by surrendering in to grace and kissing goodbye to the lies the self-industry is telling you…then I’m ready to talk!

You can book your free Breakthrough Session by clicking the link. You just sign up for a time that works for you, and answer your phone at the time you choose.

We’ll spend about 45 minutes to an hour getting really clear on your current challenges, where you’d like to go, and come up with a plan for you to get there. If I can help, I’ll discuss that with you; and if not, no problem – in fact, I’ll see if I can refer to someone else who can.

Quit beating yourself up with the impossible task of self-help, and I’d be honored to show you how I can help move you deeper into the next level of self-surrender. On the other side, there’s tremendous freedom from fear, stress, and anxiety; but it does require the courage to face your shadow.

If you’re up for it, click the link to book your Breakthrough Session and I’ll talk to you very soon.

Apply – Thomas J. Bushlack

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