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STOP doing guided meditations!

Yes, you read that correctly. I want you to stop doing guided meditations.
I recognize the irony here. Some of you have found me through my guided meditations. Even my guided meditations are holding you back. (I’ll explain what I’m doing about it below.)
But Tom, WHY? It’s pretty simple. Because guided meditations are a band-aid when you need surgery.
Allow me to explain, from both nueroscience and theology/spirituality.
I want you to experience Deep Healing, so that you can show up as a leader and own your power, your executive presence.
And you know what’s holding you back? Your rational mind!
Your rational mind lives in your left brain. And your left brain works using language and words.
Your rational mind is very powerful. (ahem, modern science is amazing!) It’s a unique part of what makes us human. But it’s also limited.
Your right brain works using symbolic thought and it’s always making connections. It is non-linear. It is creative, intuitive, and innovative. (When you have a brilliant idea in the shower, thank your right brain.)
(If you’re in business, innovation is pure gold.  It’s how you solve a problem for your client that they’ve been working on for years.  Or maybe they didn’t even know they had…until you solve it for them!)
If you want to experience Deep Healing, the only way to get there is through your right brain.
All the “junk” and “emotional baggage” that keeps you locked in fear is stored deep in your body. If you have trauma or very difficult memories, they’re stored deep in your body.
Neuroscientists call this “implicit memory.” St. John of the Cross (16th Century) calls this your “deep caverns of feeling.”
These are the areas where you are “blocked” or “stuck.” These emotional wounds block your heart. They also block you from unlocking the full power of your brain and your ability to innovate and solve new problems.

AND HERE’S THE REAL REASON TO STOP DOING GUIDED MEDITATIONS. As long as you continue doing guided meditations, you are listening to words. And those words are activating your left brain. And you cannot access deep healing when your left brain is activated and dominating your awareness.


Silence is the doorway to healing. It is the only way to open the way to allow God’s grace access to your trauma and wounds.

Silent, non-discursive – that is, not language-based – forms of contemplative prayer and meditation are the quickest and easiest way to access deep healing. Because it skips right past the blocks in your rational mind. It takes you straight into the heart of being human…into the heart of God/Mystery…into the depths of healing.
I’m so serious about this that I removed all the guided meditations from my website.
I realized that despite my good intentions (and all the other meditations teachers out there), offering guided meditations to you is not compassion. It’s giving you a band-aid when you need (divine) surgery.
Telling you the truth and inviting you into silent contemplation is compassion. Because I want you to experience Deep Healing.
I want you to unlock the full power of your gifts…even your pain. So that you can be the powerful, compassionate leader that God created you to be….That your organization and team needs…That your spouse/partner and family need…That the world needs…
Here’s how my client Toni put it, “I wanted to find the person God created in me before life left its marks…I now feel completely empowered to take on the leadership roles I am in.  My whole mindset is shifting in how I see myself and how I want to live my life, with confidence and boldness!”
How do you know if you’re ready for this Deep Healing? There are some classic signs, and I hear these from clients every day:
  • Your old ways of praying or meditating no longer seem to be working…
  • You feel what St. John of the Cross calls “spiritual dryness”…
    • Dryness can feel like a sense of the absence or distance of God…
  • A loss of joy in things that used to bring happiness…
  • Frustration with the external forms of prayer, worship, or religion (but still desiring to deepen your faith)…
  • Stress, Anxiety, and Overwhelm are taking over everything in your life…
Do these signs resonate with you? If you’re ready to tear off the band-aid of guided meditations and experience Deep Healing, then I can help.
There are simple ways to learn a practice to show you how to enter healing silence. You can learn it in a few hours. And it will guide you through Divine Healing for the rest of your life.
Most people struggle with not knowing where to start. Or they worry they’re doing it wrong. Or that they’re failing. Or they feel alone and lost, so they just give up.
And that’s exactly why I started offering Breakthrough Sessions. There are simple practices that we can teach you…coaching and individualized support…and a supportive community of fellow healers… so you know exactly where to start, how to practice silent meditation, and where to go at each step on the road…now, six months from now, for the rest of your life…
You can do it, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own.
If you’re ready for the next step beyond guided meditations. If you’re ready explore a lifetime of Divine Healing. If you want to taste “the peace that surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:6), then please do yourself the favor of booking your free Breakthrough Session.
We’ll spend about 45 – 60 minutes getting clear on where you are now…where you’d like to be in the next few months…and if we can help get you there, we’ll discuss that. If not, that’s fine too.
Listen to your (right-brain) heart. If it’s tugging, answer the call by clicking the link right now and book your session in the next 24 to 48 hours –Breakthrough Session
Don’t wait.  If your heart is tugging, that’s the Spirit at work.  We’ll talk to you soon!


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