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“The prophecy story relates that in the beginning all the earth’s people were one, but long ago they divided into two groups and each followed a different path of development.  The people of the Eagle were highly scientific and intellectual.  The people of the Condor were highly attuned to nature and the intuitive realm…

The enormous accomplishments of the people of the Eagle will bring tremendous material wealth to leaders of the Eagle world.  At the same time, they will be spiritually impoverished to their peril, and their very existence will be at risk…

At the same time, [the people of the Condor – indigenous people] will be hungry and impoverished for knowledge that will enable them to be successful in the material world, and they will be disadvantaged in their interactions with the materials world of the eagle in a way that their very existence will be at risk…

Neither the Eagles nor the Condors will survive without this collaboration, and this rejoining of the two peoples, a new alloy consciousness will emerge that honors the Eagle people for their remarkable accomplishments of the mind, and honors the Condor people for the deep wisdom of the heart.  Together – and only together – the crisis will be resolved and a sustainable future will emerge for all.”  (Told by Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money).

If you’re reading this on the internet, then you’re in the land of Eagle people! Eagle people have power and resources, but we don’t always know what to do with them.

This lack of clarity shows up as dis-ease – an inability to enjoy the material prosperity we have. We lack a spiritual grounding and higher purpose for all this “stuff.”

For much of human history, religion provided this grounding in purpose. Meanwhile, for many  the old ways of religion have lost their power.

Well-meaning religious leaders and zealots offer us judgmental attitudes of exclusion and condemnation. And if we don’t buy into it, we’re told we’re going to hell.

We are longing to connect to our whole Selves. We need the Condor, unitive, intuitive, natural, mystic wisdom.

The search for wholeness often starts with the dis-ease of our personal pain. It may be chronic stress. Or the constant question in the back of your mind: “Why I am doing all this striving?”

The Eagle-mind feels disconnected. Disconnected from your true Self… From God (something bigger-than-yourself)… From other people… From genuine community… From the earth.

But if you listen to that longing, it will draw you beyond your self. You’ll see that the small self, the ego, is an illusion, a false self.

Although painful, that awareness is a gift that can lead toward freedom… if you have the courage to stay in the discomfort.  (Spiritual practice helps you to stay engaged, to “surrender in” to the challenge and dis-ease.)

The dis-ease and the longing can show you that we’re meant to be a part of a larger Whole. That the only way to be free of your current pain is to give from what you have to the larger whole.

For us Eagles, we’ve developed tremendous technologies, economies, and material prosperity. That’s not evil; it’s just incomplete.

Money and prosperity are not the root of all evil.

If we stay attached to hoarding prosperity for ourselves (or only “my” people, nation, religion, or tribe), it’s like a precious metal that rusts and turns to dust in the clutches of our hands.

But if we enter into a bigger exchange of mutual prosperity, then we reconnect with the whole, and we find the true purpose of our material prosperity.

You can experience sufficiency, contentedness, and genuine abundance… beyond what you ever knew was possible.

Maybe you think I’m crazy? A foolish dreamer? Maybe…

But I dream of entering into that bigger whole together, where true union, joy, and prosperity live.

If that vision is compelling to you, and you feel that longing for freedom from the anxieties of our Eagle world, then I want to have an honest conversation with you about how we can do this together.

There are a couple of ways I invite you deeper into this conversation:

  • Join our community of “Busy Contemplatives” to engage in the conversation.
    • There are hundreds members in there just like you trying to stay balanced and aligned amid a busy career, family and relationships, and an adventurous life. You’ll learn more from being in there than you will in most courses you could pay for…I guarantee it.
  • Book your free Breakthrough Session.
    • We’ll help you see where you’re feeling stuck in the Eagle world. Then Discover what greater purpose lies within.
      And if we can help you get there, we’ll discuss that with you. And if not, we’ll look for someone else who can.

That’s it; pretty simple. Click one of those links now to book your Breakthrough session and we look forward to continuing the conversationw tih you!





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