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In the world of business process improvement there is something called a “Root Cause Analysis.”

When you identify a problem in your business, you want to find the real cause, the “root cause,” of the problem and then fix it. Once you fix the root cause, then all the other surface-level problems resolve quickly and easily.

The same thing is true if you’re suffering from chronic stress, feeling constantly overwhelmed, or burned out.

If you can identify and fix the root cause, then the little things that set you off throughout the day will no longer be a problem. And then you have more energy leftover to deal with the real challenges that you want to address in order to advance your career.

That’s the ultimate goal of centered and wise leadership!

Much of our stress and anxiety is related to what’s happening in our inner, spiritual lives. But very few programs are even willing to recognize that – let alone get all the way in there and fix the root cause.

No wonder so many people struggle just to get through the day…

But in Centering for Wisdom I want to get the results for my clients, and the only way to do that is to go all the way to the Root Cause of stress and anxiety – in the soul.

The Bhagavad Gita offers an essential truth about Centering for Wisdom:

The ideal is to be intensively active and at the same time have no selfish motives, no thoughts of personal gain or loss.  Duty uncontaminated by desire leads to inner peacefulness and increased effectiveness.  This is the secret art of living a life of real achievement!


To work without desire may seem impossible, but the way to do it is to substitute thoughts of Divinity for thoughts of desire.  Do your work in this world with your heart fixed on the Divine instead of on outcomes.  Do not worry about results.  Be even tempered in success or failure.  This mental evenness is what is meant by yoga (union with God).


Work performed with anxiety about results is far inferior to work done in a state of calmness.  Equanimity – the serene mental state free from likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions – is truly the ideal attitude in which to live your life.  To be in this state of mind is to be lodged in the Divine.  Pitiful are those pulled by the fruits of their action…


I see that you sigh at this breathtaking goal.  Know that you can achieve this by first uniting your heart with God and only then pursuing worldly things.  Proceed in this order, not in the reverse order, and then your actions will be linked to the very purpose of life – which is, again, union with the Divine.


  • Bhagavad Gita (translated by Jack Hawley), Ch. 2: 48-49

This is definitely a breathtaking goal.  In fact, it seems impossible.  And on your own, it is impossible.

That’s why I’ve created the Centering for Wisdom approach – to provide all the guidance, support, community, and encouragement that you need to heal from the Root Cause of your stress and overwhelm.

But it’s also more than that.  Centering for Wisdom also sets you up to have a simple daily practice that anyone can learn in just a few hours, and that you can come back to for the rest of your life!

Why is this important?

Because even if you do the initial work of getting centered and eliminating the root cause, if you don’t stick with it, life just sucks you right back into the old habits and patterns that lead to overwhelm.

It’s not your fault; it’s just the human condition.  That’s why my goal is to set you up to have a practice to come back to so you can process the stress that builds up – to come back to center, to come back to God.

And that’s the final piece to note – ultimately, the real work of healing that unleashes your creativity and beautiful energy into the world, is NOT done by you at all – it’s done by God/a Higher Power/Grace.  Your only work is to show up, be present, and let go.

If you feel ready to do the deep dive and the inner work of Centering for Wisdom, then here’s how I can help.

I’ve set aside time to get on a Breakthrough call with you to get crystal clear on how to address the root cause of your stress –  Apply – Thomas J. Bushlack

We’ll spend about 45-60 minutes to help you identify the Root Cause of your stress (hence the “Breakthrough”!), and then come up with a concrete plan to help you move past it.  And if I can help you do that, I’ll discuss it with you.  If not, that’s fine too, and I’ll look for other resources to refer you to.

Either way, it’ll be the best 45 minutes you can spend in working to eliminate your stress, and getting total clarity on where you need to go next.  Click that link right now, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Apply – Thomas J. Bushlack


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