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One of the things I hear from people on Breakthrough Sessions is that they’re not sure they can find the time to really commit to a centering, spiritual practice every day.

I get it – you’re a super-busy, stressed out professional.  Probably balancing a successful career with trying to tend to your health, focus on relationships and family.

Maybe you’ve watched some of my videos, or even my free MasterClass, but you haven’t booked a call because you’re like, “Yeah, that sounds good, Tom, but that could never work for me!”???

If that sounds like you, that’s totally normal!

AND… Here’s what I’ve found to be true…over and over again with clients:

When you begin a daily spiritual practice, you will be amazed at how much more time you will find in your day.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true! Let me give you a few examples.

Earlier this week I was talking with a client on a Breakthrough Session, and she kept saying, “I just don’t know if this will work for me – I’m working 12 hours a day or more. When will I do the practice?”

Right on the call we came up with this idea of “Time Tithing!”

It’s like the biblical concept of tithing – you set aside a portion of your money to give to charitable causes.  Even when you feel like your budget is tight, BECAUSE it’s a spiritual priority.

And then somehow you end up with enough each month. It’s like by putting that spiritual priority first, God is taking care of the details. (Once we made that analogy and connection, she was all in and I’m super excited to start working with her!)

The same thing is true when you prioritize a daily centering practice! You say to God and yourself (and anyone else) that this is a spiritual priority…And then...and only then…you start to find more time in your day.

Let me give you a couple of other examples:

My friend Birdie started a morning meditation practice a few years ago.  She commented that after doing that, now she “feels” like she has more time in her days.

She still has the same 24 hours as you, but her relationship with time has changed.  Because she slows down and focuses on what is most important first, other things fall into place in her schedule.

Another recent client had similar concerns. But we worked together to figure out where to integrate his practice in his schedule.

He started doing it first thing in the morning, BEFORE he allowed himself to open his phone and check email. And then we allowed the time to expand to longer periods of practice.  We also looked at other points later in his day to take another break for a second practice.

I knew the fruits were paying off when he started putting down his phone during the evenings and on weekends. He even allowed himself to take a nap over the weekend – something he never would have done before!

Time Tithing has also improved…

  • His eating and exercise habits…
  • His relationship with his wife and daughters…
  • His communication with two “challenging” co-workers…

Time Tithing and Centering for Wisdom helped him to live centered in his spiritual practice and with intention focused on his true purpose – which he identified as enjoying and being present with the people he loves.

AND at the same time…work annoyances aren’t stressing him out.  He’s able to resolve problems quicker when they come up.  He can let them go when he goes home for the night.  AND he’s appreciating his family and relationships – that’s Centering for Wisdom in action!

If this kind of Time Tithing sounds like something that would be helpful for you, then here’s how I can help!

Option 1 – Book your free Breakthrough Session right now!  We’ll spend about 45 minutes getting clear on your challenges, where you’d like to be in the coming weeks and months, and craft a real plan to get there.  And if I can help, we’ll discuss that.  And if not, that’s fine too.

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Option 2 – For those of you who want more information, watch my free Master Class on “The 5 Steps Busy Professionals Are Using to Eliminate Overwhelm, Breakthrough Burnout, and Get Centered in Their Purpose

Just 45 minutes could completely transform your entire life – Either option is totally worth your time!

Talk soon,



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