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Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™

As we emerge from COVID—as a society, a culture, a global community—what’s your plan? Is it to go back to life as “normal”? If it is…I invite you to think about that a little deeper.

I’ve been reading Pope Francis’s Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future, his reflections on the pandemic. In it, he writes that challenging situations reveal who we truly are, and what’s in our hearts. It’s easy to make decisions when things are going well, but when we’re in a crisis and the chips are down, we really reveal who we really are.

He also suggests that no one emerges from a crisis unchanged. So how has this crisis changed us? Who are we becoming?

Everyone I’ve spoken with—myself included—has some kind of wound from this experience. It could be a major loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job or career. It could be the stress and anxiety that comes from being immersed in our toxic political climate.

But we can be changed in other ways, too. While most of us have heard of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, psychologists have also observed something called post-traumatic growth. What this means is that some people come out of crises stronger on the other side. It’s not that they don’t struggle, but they’re able to grow from the experience—while others remain stuck, continuing to struggle for years and years.

What’s the difference between the two outcomes?

It depends on a couple factors. First: how do we choose to respond to crisis or trauma?

Because even if you feel like you’re doing ok as we move into the “new normal,” whatever that will be, unprocessed emotions or traumas won’t just go away. It’s easy to think—or hope—that they will. But if we ignore them, the emotional wounds we’ve experienced will come back up in the form of health problems: mental, physical, spiritual. Maybe not right away, maybe we won’t notice it for years, but eventually, these unprocessed traumas will lead to problems.

And also, just as important as our own response: what kind of support and community can we call on for help?

Because none of us can do this alone. Even though we live in a culture that keeps reinforcing that we’re supposed to be strong on our own, the truth is that we’re just not made that way. It’s not what our contemplative spiritual traditions teach us, and it’s also not what science is finding. We all need a way to move through life’s challenges individually and collectively, as a valued member of a safe and nurturing community.

Are you ready to move on, to process what we’ve all been through in a safe space, and to truly dream together about a better future?

Now is the time to take action.

Not two years from now, when problems have started to come back up, but now.

So I’m inviting you, right now, to join the next cohort of the Centering For Wisdom +HeartMath Coaching program to help you transition into a hopeful, healing future—for yourself, but also for your family and loved ones, for your career or your business, and for the common good of all.

Here’s what makes Centering for Wisdom unique:

  • Quickly learn a practice of Centering prayer or meditation, and integrate it into your daily life
  • Find deep healing from a lifetime of chronic stress and/or trauma as you shift your baseline emotional state towards greater coherence between head and heart
  • Develop a more intimate relationship with God or a Higher Power
  • Achieve your goals with less effort and lower stress
  • Apply the science and technology of +HeartMath® to track your progress
  • Learn emotion self-regulation techniques to use right in the moment in stressful or challenging situations:
  • Discover your Root WHY™: your true purpose for this life
  • Use the Heart Mapping® project planning process that integrates both your head and your heart

When you register, you get:

  • Lifetime access to eight (8) one-hour, pre-recorded training videos that will introduce you to each weekly theme
  • Weekly Action Items, with an option to receive personalized, individualized feedback
  • Eight (8) one-hour group coaching sessions, where we build community, share on our progress, and support each other
  • Personalized results to discover your Wisdom Profile™ ($29.99 value, included in program), and the opportunity to compare your pre- and post-program results to see the progress you’ve made
  • The best-selling Inner Balance™ Coherence Sensor ($199 value, shipped upon registration), so you can track your coherence level, and see how your baseline emotional state shifts over time
  • Training from me, a licensed HeartMath® Certified Mentor and commissioned presenter and practitioner of centering prayer and meditation for almost 25 years
  • Email support for any technology challenges or questions
  • Lifetime access to a supportive community in our private Facebook group for current and former participants in the program

Overall, it’s simple:

  1. Learn the spiritual practices. Centering Prayer & Meditation is your home base, the core practice that gets you into deep healing and makes space for the Divine Presence within. HeartMath techniques help you bring that centered energy into your daily habits and routines.
  2. Integrate them into your busy schedule. This is the hard part! Not just learning the practices, but developing the routines and support you need to do them for the rest of your life, so that you can stay in that space of deep healing.
  3. Identify your Root WHY. This is your core purpose. Once you’ve identified it, you can develop habits, goals, ways of living aligned with that core purpose for the rest of your life.

So, as you move into this spring, let’s keep it simple and get you the support you need to emerge from this a stronger, healthier you. You’ll be more connected to God or a Higher Power, more connected to community and the people you love, and more in tune with your core purpose, so that we can all create a better future together.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and those unprocessed experiences are taking their toll on your health. Just do it now.

Have more questions? Not sure if Centering for Wisdom is right for you? Schedule a call with me. I’ll ask you a few simple questions to see what your current challenges are, and where you’d like to be. (I call these Breakthrough Sessions because sometimes, even just discussing these questions can bring a lot of clarity.) If I can help you get there, we’ll discuss that. And if not, that’s fine too.

Now is the time to take action to help yourself move into what God has in store for you in the post-COVID world. And you just might contribute to making the world a better place for everyone along the way.

Worst case scenario, you get a lifetime of supportive community and contemplative practices to keep you on track and aligned with your true purpose. Best case, you beat whatever post-COVID traps might be waiting there for you, and find ways to give back even more than you’re already doing, so that we can come out of this stronger—not just individually, but together.


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