Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™

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Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™

I’m writing today with an exciting announcement. I’ve been working to update and overhaul what used to be called the Centering for Wisdom Assessment to make it easier to use and apply in your everyday life. Now the new, updated Wisdom Profile is finally here!

What is the Wisdom Profile?

The Wisdom Profile™ is a tool for identifying your core leadership style. Based on decades of research and coaching, I’ve identified four primary Wisdom Profile™ types:

  • Focused Visionary
  • Confident Encourager
  • Courageous Explorer
  • Selfless Servant

Most people I’ve worked with fall into one of those categories. Each one has its own strengths, or Wisdom Superpowers, which you’ll learn about when you get your report. Once you learn what your innate superpowers are, you can use your daily contemplative practice to fully unlock them, and then apply them to improve your health, strengthen your relationships, and advance your career.

Your Superpowers are where you can most easily access wisdom and purpose in your daily life. When you lean into those strengths, you find you’re acting a little more naturally, more at ease, more in flow. You may find that people are responding to you better, and that your relationships have become easier. Knowing your Superpowers empowers you to lead from your strengths, so that you can stay centered amid life’s challenges.

How is the new Wisdom Profile™ different?

I’ve been using the Centering for Wisdom Assessment with clients and corporate groups for years. But the feedback I received from a lot of groups was that they wanted more help in understanding their results, and applying those results to their daily lives.

I’ve taken that feedback and used it to create the new Wisdom Profile™, which includes an updated, more detailed report. These new and updated quiz results will help you to eliminate overwhelm, break out of burnout, heal from chronic stress or trauma, and lead from your center of wisdom and purpose.

The other big change I’ve made is that you now have two different quiz options to choose from: the Basic Quiz and the In-Depth Quiz.

The Basic Quiz

When you take the 10-question Basic Quiz, which is completely free, you’ll discover your most likely Wisdom Profile™ type and how to unlock your superpowers. The Basic Quiz will help you to determine the best way for you to lead from your center of wisdom.

After taking the Basic Quiz, you’ll get your results immediately, including a short list of your Wisdom Type’s superpowers.

These results are a great first step. But if you want to go deeper, the In-Depth Quiz determines your wisdom type with more detail and more accuracy (you might even get a different Wisdom Type) and gives you more practical, actionable tips for embracing and making the most of your own innate gifts.

The In-Depth Quiz

The In-Depth Quiz gives you your full, customized Wisdom Profile™. This is a 13- to 15-page guidebook filled with personalized tips and practical tools for unlocking your Superpowers and wisely working with your unique Shadow.

In addition to learning your most accurate Primary Wisdom Type, you’ll also see how high you scored in all four wisdom types. This shows you how you can tap into your heart and intuitive wisdom by leaning into the strengths of all 4 types.

Your full Wisdom Profile™ gives you clues for how to stack your leadership approach and habits so you can achieve more, while expending less mental, physical, and emotional energy. It offers a variety of ways you can have a positive impact on others, from your business, to your family and friends, to the common good of your community. (It can also be really illuminating to sit down with someone you trust—a coach, spiritual director or teacher, spouse or partner, or close friend—and compare your full Wisdom Profile™ results. Together, you’ll discover even more valuable insights to help you reach your leadership, health, and relationship goals.)

The In-Depth Quiz doesn’t only help you to learn about your unique gifts… it also tells you about your Shadow. Your Shadow indicates those areas where you are most likely to get stuck, distracted, pulled away from your center of wisdom. We all have those things that throw us off-kilter throughout the day.

And these distractions create energy leaks—low levels of depleting, frustrating emotions that constantly drain your battery in the background, often without your awareness. But just because you don’t notice it, that doesn’t mean the drain isn’t happening; over time, it can start to just feel normal.

But when you become aware of your shadow, and the triggers that pull you away from your center of wisdom, you can learn simple ways to plug those energy leaks through a daily contemplative practice and HeartMath™ techniques. When you learn to stop that slow, quiet drain on your battery—and to actually recharge it, instead—it makes a massive difference in your energy levels. You can stay out of the traps that drain you, stay in touch with your intuitive wisdom, and handle whatever comes at you throughout the day.

Now is the time to claim the wisdom and ease you deserve!

The new Wisdom Profile takes the same core ideas and scientific basis from the old Centering for Wisdom Assessment, and makes it much easier for you to apply this knowledge to your life. The results you’ll get back won’t only tell you your Wisdom Type: they’ll also give you simple practices you can use to apply this knowledge to your life.

By unlocking your Wisdom Type—and your Shadow—you can learn techniques for plugging those energy leaks, eliminating feelings of overwhelm, and healing from chronic stress, even trauma. Ultimately, you’ll be able to stay centered in your core purpose, and to develop a deeper relationship with God or a Higher Power.

Go take the quiz right now…and then reach out to me and let me know what you learned. I mean it! The last page of your report includes simple ways to get in touch directly—not with someone else, not with a bot, but directly with me. Go check it out, let me know what you learned, and I’ll talk with you soon!


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