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One day a young man was on his way to an important meeting with a client.  As he was driving out in the country, he came to a railroad crossing.  The gate was down and it was one of those really long trains, where he couldn’t see the end, stretching off into the Mid-Western cornfields in the distance.  There was one car parked in front of him.

It was a beautiful fall day.  Since he had no cell phone coverage, he got out of his car to stretch his legs.  As he paced anxiously waiting for the end of the train, he noticed a very kindly-looking older woman with a twinkle in her eye in the car ahead of him, and she was waving him over.  The sound of the train was very loud, so he couldn’t hear what the woman was saying.

He leaned in closer to try to hear, and she became increasingly animated – pointing and gesturing up ahead.  But due to the racket of the train, he couldn’t hear what she was saying.  He gave her a kindly smile and a shrug, and went back to his car.  Eventually, the train passed and the gate went up.

After about a mile, he came to a fork in the road.  He decided to go to the right, and after a little while he felt a jolt and a loud noise and pulled over to the side of the road.  To his dismay, he realized there was a pile of broken glass and debris in the road, and he had two flat tires.

The kind woman had been trying to tell him that up ahead he would come to a fork in the road, and that he should not go to the right because there had been an accident that morning that was not yet cleared.

That kindly woman is the inner voice of wisdom and guidance that is always there guiding us.  The noise of the train is all the noise in our lives – both internal and external – that keeps us distracted and out of touch with wisdom.  When we’re out of touch with wisdom we don’t know which way to go when we come to life’s forks in the road.

Centering for Wisdom is the intentional practice and process of coming back to your inner core of wisdom that is an unfailing guide through life’s many choices.  It’s the voice of the Spirit, placed in us by God.

“Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made” (Dr. Wayne Dwyer)
The Centering for Wisdom™ Assessment is a tool that helps you to identify those areas in your life where you tend to get most distracted, where you lose touch with your inner core of wisdom.  

Better mental health and peace of mind PLUS better decision-making – that’s a recipe for success!

If you’d like to discuss how to apply Centering for Wisdom to quickly eliminate overwhelm, breakthrough burnout, and get re-centered in your purpose, then I’ve set aside some time in the next couple of days to talk with you – thomasjbushlack.com/apply

Click the link to sign up for a time that works for you.  We’ll spend about 45 minutes getting clear on what challenges you’re facing right now, where you’d like to be in the next few months, and a realistic game plan to get you there.  thomasjbushlack.com/apply

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