Eliminate Overwhelm and Connect With Your Purpose Watch My Masterclass

Watch My Masterclass

Why begin doing a daily spiritual practice of Centering Prayer & Meditation?
Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of a daily practice? Such as..
  • Better mental health…
  • Lower stress…
  • Maybe you feel spiritually disconnected from God…
  • Or you want to get in touch with a truer, deeper part of yourself…
  • Maybe you want to be more present to your spouse or partner, kids, parents…
  • Or with clients and customers so you can respond to their needs.
When you start to ask WHY, it’s like peeling the layers of an onion. There are always deeper layers of your desires and intentions waiting to be discovered. It is an inner adventure.
And there may be layers that God wants to reveal to you, but you need to be still and quiet long enough to hear it. That can be a little scary, because you’re entering into the mystery of being human.
At some point the question of WHY starts to expand into the social realm. You start by working through the pain that is more personal and closer to home.
You start to remove the blocks over your heart, you expand and become more attuned to the people and the community around you.
You don’t have to look very far to find cynicism about honest, hopeful leadership in our world today.
People distrust political parties, business leaders, and religious authorities and institutions. Is it any wonder our collective anxiety is so high?
But here’s where a bigger WHY comes into play. Leaders who show up for a daily spiritual practice, aren’t only saving their health.
You’re also showing up with greater honesty and integrity.
You discover that you have a higher purpose to serve your business or organization, your family.
So here’s the truth. The world needs your unique wisdom so you can unleash greater trust, integrity, and healing into our world. This is a healing journey that you are embarking upon. It’s guided by a Power and a Love so much bigger than you or I can fathom.
But we can say yes to this Power! You do that by learning a simple spiritual practice, getting tons of help and support to make it a daily habit. Then you live from that centered space guided by divine wisdom every single day.
If that adventure is something you want to explore – that you have the call and the courage to explore – then I want to invite you to book your free Breakthrough Session with me and my team.
We’ll spend about 45 minutes helping you get clear on where grace is tugging at your heart right now…Where you want to be in the next few months…And if we can help you get there – that’s awesome!  (And if not, that’s fine too.)
Go ahead and book your session now and we’ll talk to you soon.  It’s totally worth your time!
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