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Discover Your Leadership Wisdom Profile™

In Centering Meditation, or in Centering Prayer (if you’re doing this as part of your spiritual tradition), you choose a centering word, and every time you notice that you’re distracted or engaged with your thoughts, you silently repeat your sacred word to yourself.  That’s it!  You simply notice the thought, like a boat floating down a river, without getting caught up in the emotional energies associated with it.

The real magic that occurs in Centering is that you are very gently training your mind not to react to the endless stream of thoughts and emotional events that you encounter throughout your day.  After a while you’ll start to notice two things: first, while you’re doing your centering meditation, you’ll find it easier to let thoughts go and surrender into your experience; but second – and this is really cool – you’ll also start to find it much easier to do this throughout the rest of your day, even when you’re at work, in stressful situations, or with friends or family!  Little things that used to set you off suddenly become a lot less “sticky.”  You don’t get sucked into your own inner drama, or the dramas of others around you.

The Centering for Wisdom Assessment helps you to identify those thoughts that have the most emotional power or “stickiness” attached to them – it’s where you get hooked.  Then, you can bring a centered, mindful presence into those situations.  You begin recognize the patterns of your own mind, and then you can pause, consider the situation, and make a better decision about how you want to respond.  That is the space from which your true inner wisdom and freedom emerge.

As I suggest in my e-book, try centering mediation for two weeks and see how it effects your energy levels, and notice if the quality of your relationships changes.  What have you got to lose? except a lot of stress and distractions that keep you from living the life you want?

May you find peace in your contemplative practice – for your happiness, for the good of others, and for the common good!  Please take a minute to follow my channel and don’t forget to get your free E-Book on How to Start Practicing Centering for Wisdom, and your free bonus gift.  Peace,

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