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Thomas J. Bushlack in the Media

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About the Podcast:

“Contemplate This!” features interviews with leaders and teachers of contemplative practices (mindfulness, meditation, contemplative prayer, etc.) in order to learn about their history, how they became involved in contemplation, what their daily practice looks like, how they teach and share the fruits of contemplation with others – and most importantly – how their practice has transformed them and inspired their work to transform others and the world around them.


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Tom is currently the Regional Director of Mission Integration with SSM Health in St. Louis, Missouri. He brings over 20 years of experience in higher education, public speaking, leading retreats, and in organizational development in health care mission integration. Tom’s expertise is in integrating Contemplative Practices with Ethics & Wise Decision-Making. He enjoys helping leaders to harness their innate capacity for wisdom for success in professional and personal life.

As the creator of the Centering for Wisdom™ Assessment tool, and the founder of Kalon Enterprises, LLC, Tom knows the struggles of being a good leader and growing a successful business. Based in Metro St. Louis, Tom lives with his wife, Anna, and their three young children. If you are an event organizer, please click below to download Tom’s Speaker Introduction.

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“I found myself in leadership roles that I didn’t feel qualified to have. I now feel completely empowered to take on the leadership roles I am in.  My whole mindset is shifting in how I see myself and how I want to live my life, with confidence and boldness!”

Toni Stogdill

Realtor & Director of Communications, Master Investors Tribe

“After attempting to piece together my own contemplative practice with little success, Tom’s program provided a solid foundation for a lifelong, life-altering centering meditation practice. Since embarking upon this journey, I’m discovering a new level of peace and compassion in my life.”

Michael John Wagner

Founder & COO, Euclid Media Group

"Working with Tom has given me deeper insight into my own behavior, and more compassion and understanding of the behavior of others. Working with Tom was like having a warm cup of tea on a cold day. He is brilliant, insightful and the perfect guide for someone who is looking to accept or manage the chaos of life."

Debbie Champion, J.D.

Founding Partner, RSSC, LLP

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